How We Leverage Our Professional Networks

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We bring competitive a mind-set to everything we do as members of Team Direct Concepts, including making the most of our networks. Our goal is to be among the very best in our industry, so we interact with top leaders as often as possible. The insights we gain in the process inform our winning interactive promotions and help us advance in our careers as well.

Making new connections is all about getting out of our comfort zones. If we don’t feel at least a little uncomfortable approaching someone, we feel we haven’t aimed high enough. We want to make sure our networking efforts are always directed toward higher levels of achievement. Once we’ve met someone in a lofty position, we aren’t afraid to ask tough and direct questions about how we can improve our practices. When we apply the constructive feedback we receive, the results are out of this world.

We’re also aggressive when it comes to helping our connections in any way we can. From the outset of our interactions with new people, we try to find something of value to offer. It might be a skill we can share or an introduction we can make. As we stay in touch with our contacts, we continue to pay it forward as often as we can. This selfless approach tends to have big returns for us and for Direct Concepts Incorporated as a whole.

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